Appili Therapeutics Announces Results of 2018 Annual and Special Meeting

HALIFAX, Nova Scotia, August 16, 2018 – Appili Therapeutics Inc. (the “Company” or “Appili”) announced today the results of the Company’s annual and special meeting of shareholders (the “Meeting”), which was held on August 15, 2018.

At the Meeting, the shareholders re-elected the following individuals to serve on the Board of Directors (the “Board”) until the next annual meeting of shareholders:

  • Brian M. Bloom, Chair, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Bloom Burton & Co.
  • John Holyoake, DPhil, Vice President, Investment Banking, Bloom Burton & Co.
  • Lidija Marusic, PhD, Investment Manager, Innovacorp
  • Stephen Nicolle, President, Cape Bear Advisors
  • Ian Mortimer, President and Chief Financial Officer, Xenon Pharmaceuticals Inc.
  • Kevin Sullivan, MBA, CEO, Appili Therapeutics

“Appili has, of late, experienced tremendous progress, and at this year’s AGM, we recognized the achievements our team has made over the past year, including advancing the clinical progress of our lead candidate, ATI-1501, and in-licensing a new asset with our ATI-1701 tularaemia vaccine candidate,” said Mr. Sullivan. “In addition, the shareholders and leadership are looking forward, strengthening the fundamental structural, leadership, and financing pillars of the company to prepare Appili for our next stage of progress.”

The shareholders also voted in favour of the following matters:

  1. The re-appointment of PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, Chartered Accountants, as the Company’s independent auditors;

  2. The continuance of the company as a federal corporation under the provisions of the Canada Business Corporations Act (“CBCA”);

  3. The adoption of new CBCA compliant bylaws upon the effective date of the continuance; and

  4. Certain amendments to the authorized capital of the Company (to be effective upon the effective date of the continuance), including the redesignation of the existing common shares as Class A common shares, and the creation of Class B non-voting common shares and “blank cheque” preferred shares.

Despite receipt of shareholder approval for the continuance, new bylaws and amendments to the authorized capital, the Board may elect not to proceed with such matters if, in the opinion of the Board, such step would not be in the best interest of the Company.


About Appili Therapeutics

Appili Therapeutics, Inc., was founded to advance the global fight against infectious disease by matching clearly-defined patient needs with drug development programs that provide solutions to existing challenges patients, doctors and society face in this challenging disease space. Balancing near-to-market product candidates with higher-risk but potentially transformative early-stage programs, Appili’s growing pipeline includes assets being developed by Appili as well as an active licensing program. ATI-1501 employs Appili’s proprietary, taste-masked, oral-suspension technology with metronidazole for the growing number of pediatric and elderly patients with difficulty swallowing. ATI-1503 is a drug discovery program aimed at generating negamycin analogue candidates, a novel class of antibiotics with broad-spectrum activity against Gram-negative bacteria. Via an in-licensing program, Appili acquired the rights to ATI-1701, a vaccine for tularemia, removing risk from a weaponized bioterrorism pathogen. Headquartered in Halifax, Nova Scotia, with offices in Mississauga, Ontario, Appili is pursuing worldwide opportunities in collaboration with science and industry commercial partners, governments and government agencies. For more information, visit