Matching Novel Drug Development Programs With Clearly Defined Patient Needs in Infectious Disease

Appili Therapeutics Inc., was founded in 2015 by a team of drug development, infectious disease, and commercialization experts to advance the global fight against infectious disease. Our approach lies in matching unmet medical needs with opportunities for more effective solutions that range from improvements in established therapies to entirely new classes of anti-infectives. 

Appili cultivates a culture of listening: to the needs of patients, healthcare practitioners, researchers, employees, and shareholders. Through this culture, we are identifying clinical needs that are missed or passed over by our competitors, creating products that resonate with healthcare practitioners and payers, cultivating employees who are driven to deliver these products, and generating the potential for strong returns to our shareholders.

Alongside a team of drug development, infectious disease, and biodefense experts, we have executed on our balanced-risk portfolio strategy, deliberately building our pipeline with a mix of near-to-market opportunities, such as our metronidazole program, alongside truly transformational science, like our tularemia and leishmaniasis programs, that have the potential to change how we treat infectious diseases.

Advancing effective therapy for infectious diseases depends on multiple factors. Patient needs arise from both gaps in the current treatment landscape, as well as the impact of tolerability on patient adherence with prescribed medications, access to care, unique disease threats, and other factors that drug developers may overlook or avoid. Incorporating such considerations into assessments of market opportunity allows us to choose from a wide range of prospective development assets and pursue a variety of approaches to value generation.

Because of our approach to identifying development opportunities, we have been successful in securing a variety of non-dilutive funding sources through partnerships and incentive programs. As a result, Appili has a very balanced and clean capital structure.