Appili Therapeutics Presents at the 10th International Tularemia Conference

Recently announced Funding Commitment from U.S. Air Force is expected to advance ATI-1701 Biodefense Vaccine Candidate to IND


HALIFAX, Nova Scotia, September 27, 2023– Appili Therapeutics Inc. (TSX: APLI; OTCQB: APLIF) (the “Company” or “Appili”), a biopharmaceutical company focused on drug development for infectious diseases and biodefense, today announced that Carl Gelhaus, Ph.D., Director of Non-Clinical Research, and key members of Appili’s scientific team, will participate at the 10th International Tularemia Conference, from September 24 to 26, 2023. Dr. Gelhaus will present an update on Appili’s biodefense vaccine program ATI-1701.

“The International Tularemia Conference is the premier tularemia conference in the world, and we look forward to sharing the progress we have made on ATI-1701 over the past several years and strengthen relationships with leading tularemia clinicians and researchers,” said Dr. Gelhaus. “We remain encouraged by recently announced U.S. government funding commitments for ATI-1701 and look forward to collaborating with other tularemia experts toward the first approved vaccine for the prevention of weaponized tularemia.”

The presentation will include an overview of ATI-1701, Appili’s potential first-in-class vaccine candidate for the prevention of infection with F. tularensis, the causative agent of tularemia and a top-priority biothreat. Since it is a highly infectious pathogen capable of causing severe illness, medical counter measures for F. tularensis are a top biodefense priority for the United States and governments around the world.

In May 2023, Appili announced a commitment of funding for ATI-1701 from the U.S. Air Force (“USAFA”), who is working in partnership with the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (“DTRA”), the funding agency.


Presentation details are as follows:

Title: ATI-1701: A Live Attenuated Tularemia Vaccine Based on a SCHU S4 ΔclpB Mutant

Date: Thursday, September 28

Time: 2:30 – 2:45p.m. CEST

Appili management will also be conducting in-person meetings throughout the conference. To request a meeting, please register for the conference here.




About ATI-1701

Appili is developing ATI-1701 as a vaccine to combat Francisella tularensis, which is classified by the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) as a Category A pathogen, an organism that poses the highest risk to national security and public health. Estimated to be 1,000-fold more infectious than anthrax, experts consider the aerosolized form to have a high potential for use in a bioterrorism attack.


About Triennial International Tularemia Conference

The International Conferences fulfill a major purpose of the Tularemia International Society, namely to facilitate the assembly, acquaintance, and association of scientists engaged in tularemia research.  Tularemia meetings focus on fundamental, clinical, and applied research regarding any aspect of Francisella tularensis.  Research uncovers not only the biology of this fascinating bacterium, but also provides the basis for future development of treatments, preventive interventions, and disease diagnosis.


About Appili Therapeutics

Appili Therapeutics is an infectious disease biopharmaceutical company that is purposefully built, portfolio-driven, and people-focused to fulfill its mission of solving life-threatening infections. By systematically identifying urgent infections with unmet needs, Appili’s goal is to strategically develop a pipeline of novel therapies to prevent deaths and improve lives. The Company is currently advancing a diverse range of anti-infectives, including a vaccine candidate to eliminate a serious biological weapon threat, a topical antiparasitic for the treatment of a disfiguring disease, and a novel easy to use, liquid oral formulation targeting parasitic and anaerobic infections. Led by a proven management team, Appili is at the epicenter of the global fight against infection. For more information, visit




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